Damn good blogging, Becky. Damn good thinking. …

Damn good blogging, Becky.

Damn good thinking.

I am so proud of her. These are the things I used to think about and deal with. I still deal with it, but it’s much harder these days to talk about it and express it properly because I’ve already answered a lot on my own.

The answer, of course, being that there is no answer except truth. And you may not know the truth for a while.

But don’t worry… you will.

The fact that she’s thinking about it is such a good thing. Super healthy. I predict the start of a girl growing up wide-eyed to this world, eventually leading to a chaotic mind too difficult to deal with and too stubborn to ignore — inevitably provoking addiction to drugs, alcohol, and/or suicide!

I’m so proud of you, girl!!!


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