BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY Day of Drama. If you’d really like to…


Day of Drama.

If you’d really like to know, email me. But it surely wasn’t a happy-happy-joy-joy day.

Things that happened that were good:

I got an e-card from one of Sarah’s friends who doesn’t know me and that was nice.

I was over my dads house for a little, receiving his gift — “Magnolia” DVD. (yes!)

Received a B-day card from Judy.

While sitting there at my dads, someone knocked on the door and who walks in but good ol’ Dan with Stephanie and some other “chick”. A plate of 6 cupcakes, all lit up with candles, all singing Happy Birthday. Quite a nice surprise. He promptly added that he already had this planned before my blog about surprise parties.

We all hung out there for a bit and then I had to leave to meet Becky at Old Country Buffet.

Leaving OCB, we went next door to Target where I purchased my new printer/scanner/copier/fax!!!

I also picked up “Fight Club” DVD and a few car air fresheners! Items were purchased with a wad of cash given to me by my mother this AM.

Ah… ok, back to work.


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