It’s happened again. Black Friday. Retails “biggest” day….

It’s happened again.

Black Friday. Retails “biggest” day.

2 sales associates call out. Won’t be back for (1: a week, 2: maybe a week).

We were still pretty covered though. Nice day outside. I fucking found $80 on the ground outside my store! Yeah! EIGHTY!

Yes, I know it’s someones but I looked and looked and no one was around. I can’t exactly go up to people and ask if that’s theirs.

There’s nothing I can do! It’s cash! Heh! Nice day outside!

I get a call at about 6:15pm. It’s my mother… almost hysterical.

“I think it came out again” she said between gasps of breath.

She didn’t call 911. She could barely make it to the phone, let alone unlocking the door. She needed me there to avoid cops breaking in the apartment. So from work (Lawrence Park Shopping Center) to home I went.

I wish I had an 8 cylindar.

It didn’t seem nearly as bad as it did last time.

Ok ok…… let’s cut to the chase.

She’s back in the hospital. Eventually, after they tried popping it back in manually, it began to hurt her just as much as it did last time. So back we were.

And if they’re not able to put it into place externally (which looks unlikely) then they’re going to have to go in for a 3rd operation and back to square one all over again.

Woe is me.


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