Ok, so due to some unforseen circumstances, a…

Ok, so due to some unforseen circumstances, a good number of people now have 1 point. This means you REALLY should start playing because if you’re not one of them… you’re losing.

I’m sick… again or still, I’m not sure. Just as I thought my cold was going away and I was feeling much better…. I wake up this morning and BOOM it’s all in my chest and killing me (softly).

I’m currently working on some things for my company’s bi-annual vendor training. Apparently, this is what you get handed when you’re on the regional manager’s GOOD side.

“Things that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of work… today was my day off again. I spent it…. working. Wow! Just like I did on my LAST day off, Saturday! Of course I am getting paid for it, but damn…. I just want to rest a bit. Now I have to wait till Friday. Then, MAYBE, I can get some time to myself. At least I got to work with Suzanne. I hope her and/or her husband don’t see this and take it the wrong way, because there’s nothing behind my words other than what they say. It’s just I hope I meet someone as great as she. She kind of reminds me of Mary in “There’s Something About Mary”, y’know, where she just has that charm about her. It’s a good thing and very refreshing to see that people like her still do exist. Now I gotzta go find me someone like that…… who’s NOT married.

Have you heard Tenacious D’s “Wonder Boy”? I’m sorry… but I love it!


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