Hey, Paw! I did done good,…

Hey, Paw! I did done good, yeah?

Can I git Sis’ tonight, instead o’ you?

There was this brainstorm I had for work. It came in the form of a brochure. One that I feel would instill the customer with a sense that we’re doing something a bit more for them. One that tells them what they will need in the future and where to go when they need them. “Tips and Tricks” I called it. To be handed out to all camera buyers and perspective buyers.

Finally, I was able to present it to my district manager today. Seemed she really liked it. She asked me to make one for all 13 stores of the district, each with their address and phone number on it. So’s I did. She’s going to present them on Thursday at the Manager’s Meeting.

I just wonder where it will go from there…


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