Ooh let’s see… Went out with Tricia tonight to…

Ooh let’s see…

Went out with Tricia tonight to a play at The Colonial Playhouse. Met her friend “Crazy Dave” who was in the play, taking on the role of a man AND a woman. Quite an interesting night. Got lost trying to find her new home in East Falls (Near Manayunk) and was late to the play. Taking her back home, with Taco Bell in hand, we were locked out… so we plopped down on the front steps and started eating. She looked fabulous. Too hot to be hanging out with the likes of me…

So I left there, because I had John waiting for me at his house. He turned 21 at midnight so we went to McGuillicuddy’s. Had a few drinks, the band was still playing when we arrived at 1:00. We stayed until close — and here, at 3am, I sit. A good night. Wow. Haven’t had one of those in a long time.

I really could have used my phone tonight. It better be activated on Tuesday or someone’s gonna hear it! Vacation in just over a week, too!

God, it will be nice. I will be staying there alone so I may get lonely at times, but I think it’s for the best. There’s a couple people I’ve casually asked to visit for a night or so… doubtful they will show up, but it’s OK with me. I just hope the TV is working, unlike the last time I went down for a weekend. That would suck. I think I’ll take down my keyboard and camera. Haven’t touched either of them in months. Not only do I barely have time, but I can’t play with my dad around anymore.

#1: I feel like I’m interrupting his TV watching (Which I know is not the case)

#2: He’ll usually come out and talk to me about what I’m doing or try to join in on the drums (Which he wouldn’t have the energy for now)

#3: I just am very self-conscious when trying to write a song. I need absolute privacy anymore. No one can hear… and he’s always home.

None of this is his fault. It’s all in my head.

Thanks to those who wrote me on the restoration. I do appreciate it.

All for now…


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