I am awakened by a call from Rebecka…

I am awakened by a call from Rebecka (spelling?) who is one of John’s roomates out there in Eugene, OR. No wait… Let me back up a bit…

John’s Flight Schedule

Leaving PDX at 7:30am PST

Arriving at EWR (Newark, NJ) at around 4:00-4:30pm EST

::hang around EWR for a couple hours::

Leave for BWI (Baltimore, MD) and arrive there around 7:30pm EST

John originally thought they would let him get off at Newark and I’ll pick him up there. Later we learned that is not allowed.

So to Baltimore was the plan.

Back to where I wake up

Rebecka tells me after getting back from dropping John off at the airport, that there’s a message from the airlines telling him that the flight to Baltimore was cancelled. He can take a later flight if he’d like.

So now I have to go to Newark. I’m not sure of the arrival time. I should get there around 4pm at latest. Meaning: I must leave soon.

He better be there. I don’t know the flight nor the gate, but I think I’ll be OK.

What a pain in the ass.


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