I’m currently a 7.9 on hotornot.com …

I’m currently a 7.9 on hotornot.com Am I pathetic or what?!

(“Hotter than 76% of men on this site!”)

I didn’t sleep last night. Not at all.

And yet, after being awake for exactly 36 hours, I am tired but still sitting online asking myself the same question… “What are you waiting for?”

Yesterday, I hung out with Doris-Jean, the www.insideherhead.com girl, and we saw “Ghost World“, a Ritz Film (means: independant) which was not bad. But I remind myself of a character in the film who can always be found sitting on the bus-stop bench. A bus-stop who’s bus has been out of service for over 2 years, yet the old man continues to sit there everyday… waiting for his ticket out of town.

All day I’ve been feeling like Edward Norton’s character in “Fight Club” with his insomnia.

“When you have insomnia, you’re never really awake and you’re never really asleep, either.”

“With insomnia, nothing is real. Everything is far away. Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy.”

I felt that way today, but it helped me retain an excellent mood. A kind of mood that was much more personable with the public; the audience. A mood that made people laugh and talk back. As I kindly volunteered to many of the patrons that I was suffering from sleep deprivation, an agreeable laugh came from them as if to say “Oh yeah… I’ve been there.” Some (more than one) interjected that I should appreciate it while I can still do it, because later on it will be an impossibility. Yeah, like this is any real fun.

But isn’t it? I feel good. I can barely lift my arms, sure, but I feel good. I’m happy and completely apathetic about the world around me. My mind also seems much clearer, if you overlook the blatent mistakes I made today… Like I can think of words like “interjected” and “apathetic” without even noticing.

And now, The News of the Day:

I am officially the Assistant Manager of Ritz Camera’s store #1170!

Thank you, thank you… Please, save your autograph hopes till after the blog.

Ok, well that’s the end of the blog.


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