Mother, May I (Reprise)

It occurred to me that I never posted on the blog that I recorded a song. It’s not a new song. But it’s… well… it’s a re-imagining of my old band’s song “Mother, May I”.
So it’s a cover of one of my own songs? Sort of?

Anyway… this was only because I was trying to learn more songs for this “soiree” I try to go to once a month and perform at — along with a bunch of other people. It’s like an open mic in a house. I used to have this with Sara (circa 2002-2003) and we called it Open Mic at The Barn.

So there I was, trying to learn the chords to Circuit Theory’s “Mother, May I” and I came up with something a little different. Interesting enough that I thought I should record myself so I don’t forget it. But I kept redoing it over and over until I got it to be a fully fleshed out song. And here it is:


And, uh… here’s an early test version of the song, before I re-did all my vocals, before I added the bridge, and when I thought it would be cool to have some wild drums in there. I still think these drums sound pretty good against the slowness of the melody, but I was talked out of it. πŸ˜‰ (This is a exclusive!!!)