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So, I finally went back and sort of converted the old blogs; the first year I ever blogged, into a semi-normal blog format and it’s now archived and searchable within WordPress.  I had to do it a lazy way, though.  The whole month is one single post.  You can now find them in the Blog Archives in the left sidebar (July 2000-July 2001).  Speaking of lazy, here’s a fun excerpt from a trip I took in January 2001 to San Francisco where I talked about how lazy the place was.  So weird to think those things weren’t in place over here yet at the time.  But now they’re commonplace.

“At the grocery store, when you give your money to the check-out guy, the change spits out a machine next to your bags! And also, when we went to The Olive Garden tonight, instead of taking your name, they give you these round discs that vibrate and light up when your table is ready. Lazy, lazy, lazy…”


So, is there any point to having this blog anymore?  No.  It’s here just for me to look back upon, although I don’t suggest you do the same.

3 comments on “Ye Olde Blogs

  1. Genuardi’s also got change dispensers around 2000, so… not just a west coast thing ;o)

  2. Yeah, I’d never been in a Genuardi’s at that point.

  3. Yeah, I don’t think I’d ever stepped into a Genuardi’s by that point.

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