Surgery postponed?

Last week it was sprung on me that I needed dental clearance before surgery. WTF?! My mouth is in bad shape right now. So… last night I went to the dentist’s. He denied signing off on me. I’m too much of a risk. But I should have the Cleveland docs call him to discuss it and they can get a better idea of what they’ll be dealing with.


So this morning I called the surgeon’s office. They didn’t cancel anything and they didn’t see a need to speak with the dentist. Instead, I have a dental appointment first thing in the morning once I arrive in Cleveland… before the pulmonary appointment. I will be seen by a dentist who only deals with cardiac patients and he will know exactly what’s acceptable and what’s not. If necessary, there will be a little time to do some emergency work to try and get me “infection free” and ready for the surgery. No guarantees, though.

I was also told that I will still be able to get the pulmonologist to look at me and that alone may hopefully result in the trip being worth it.

So I can relax a little for now. Cross your fingers for me.
This has made for quite a stressful birthday morning for me.

3 comments on “Surgery postponed?

  1. As a heart patient, I have to take antibiotics before every dentist appointment… strange….

  2. Yeah I used to, too. But when I told the dentist last night that I already took antibiotics before I arrived, he told me that’s no longer needed. Hah! Apparently this is a recent change, though, so tell your docs to look into it because apparently it’s not necessary anymore unless you have a valve problem. I think that and pace-makers are the only cause for antibiotics prior to dental appointments now.

  3. I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and I hope your surgery goes well.:)

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